Definitely in the details

Never left the house today – apart from going to Burrelton to get the papers so that I could look for a subject for my debut on Thought for the Day in the morning. I find Scotland a little difficult – so much less news than I am used to. But then, thankfully, there is no war going on either. And then E mails, letters and phone calls ad infinitum – 40 incoming E Mails today on subjects ranging from Perth to Myanmar. But at least, when they are all done, there is a certain feeling that the God of the details has been well served and everything is in everybody else’s in tray. The Voip phone is still not right – the WiFi connection to my study over a distance of about 10 feet isn’t all it should be. It improved a bit after we removed the brass tray which was leaning against the bureau in the hall but it is weaker than it should be. I can hear beautifully but the speaking is a bit intermittent – a good balance, don’t you think?

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