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One in 11 million #pisky

  Unusually for me, I have a nice car at present.  Since you are asking, it’s a reasonably new VW Golf Estate 1.6 TDI Bluemotion.  Which of course puts me in the front rank of polluters and cheaters of the emissions regulations. I happened to be addressing an Eco-Congregations Meeting in Edinburgh when the news… Continue reading One in 11 million #pisky

Meeting on Cumbrae #pisky

Overnight on the island of Great Cumbrae with the College of Bishops this week. If you don’t know Scotland, Cumbrae is an island in the middle of the Clyde so you get that ‘away from it all’ feeling. We try to use and support our Retreat and Conference Centre there, the College of the Holy… Continue reading Meeting on Cumbrae #pisky

Suspiciously like the church

We reached the end of the Eucharist in St John’s, Alloa, last Sunday. But it took a while before I could say ‘Go in peace to love and serve the Lord’ People – lots of them – kept standing up and reminding the congregation about things – there were some pastoral concerns for people ..… Continue reading Suspiciously like the church

Round and round

I visited Christian Aid’s Tax Justice Tour bus in Bristo Square, Edinburgh, yesterday with a group of Scottish Church Leaders. This bus has been trundling around Britain drawing attention to the amounts of tax which companies and corporations don’t pay through schemes of legitimate – if not altogether moral – tax management and avoidance. I… Continue reading Round and round

A Folding Church?

Well our General Synod was many things – but this of course was the ultimate eco-statement. Three Bromptons – self with Kennedy and David Frazer managed the various aspects of geekery for us. My arrival at Synod – and subsequent folding – never fails to excite comment

Blessed bicycles

You will know that I have a ‘thing’ about cycling. I suppose we could shimmy left and think about what it is – maybe the mechanical almost-perfection and simplicity of a bicyle; or maybe it’s a way of revisiting childhood cycling; or perhaps there’s a freedom thing about it and a way of working off… Continue reading Blessed bicycles

Ready for the net

All calm on the River Tay this afternoon as we walked on the North Inch. During the week, I had a swift pedal on the Brompton up towards Almondbank – still searching for that balanced clergy lifestyle as suggested at the Clergy Conference. Earlier today we had a gathering in Perth for clergy and laity… Continue reading Ready for the net

In prison and you visited me …

‘It’s a biblical imperative,’ I said.  ‘That’s why churches care about prisons.’  The person to whom I had addressed such a random remark clearly decided that I had been captured by aliens Still – I thought it was important to agree to attend the Prisoners’ Week Question Time in Glasgow this evening.  Two things always… Continue reading In prison and you visited me …