Institution of Dom Ind #pisky

I went over to Helensburgh on Saturday to preach at the Institution of Revd Dom Ind. Dom has been Rector of Bridge of Allan for the last ten years – Director of Ordinands in the Diocese of St Andrews. Beside all that, he has acted as my Chaplain – sorting out Orders of Service for the ‘big event’ so that they were the best that we could do and standing just behind my left shoulder making sure that I didn’t get lost or wield mitre or crozier inappropriately.

So here is the sermon

I’m gradually sorting out what retirement means – now one year on. It wasn’t difficult to stop and walk away. You have to do that. But it takes longer to work out how life is going to be. Alison and I are busy at all sorts of things – family, friends, garden, a bit of travel – . I’m doing a bit of peripatetic preaching and enjoy that. Some more broadcasting and other things. This week I begin a spell as Interim Pastor at St Peter’s, Lutton Place, in Edinburgh. I’m going to work with the Vestry and the congregation to prepare the ground for the appointment of their next Rector.