Virginia Theological Seminary. #pisky #anglican

The third element in this visit to the US has been a brief stay at Virginia Theological College which is just to the south of Washington.  The purpose of the visit was to follow up on some preliminary work done by Revd Dr Anne Thomlinson, Principal of our Scottish Episcopal Institute to put together the beginnings of a partnership relationship between SEI and VTS.   This will give students from SEI the opportunity of visiting VTS and some return visits, particularly by members of faculty, to SEI.

So I met Revd Dr Melody Knowles, Vice-President for Academic Affairs, and Revd Dr Robert Heaney, Director of the Centre for Anglican Communion Studies and Associate Professor of Christian Mission.  Under Robert Heaney’s leadership, CACS has become a major centre for Anglican Communion Studies.

In recent times, I have become a strong believer in partnerships – as being of benefit particularly for smaller churches.  We should be encouraged that groups like VTS, St Mellitus College and Church Army are keen to partner with us.  Their involvement helps us to ‘rise to the next level’ and keeps us outward facing 

I’m looking forward to seeing how this emerging partnership develops