With the Mormon Church #pisky

I found myself dealing with a force of nature on the phone. She was called Evelyn and she wanted me to come to the Mormon Church in Dundee to speak in their meeting for International Women’s Day. In vain did I suggest that I had one obvious disqualification – and probably more than one.

So I went and shared this with them

I’ve found myself gradually coming into contact with the Mormon community since I went to Salt Lake City last summer for the General Convention of the Episcopal Church. I spent most of my time there sneezing because of the desert dust. But I did visit the complex of buildings which is ‘the centre’ of the world Mormon community – and I got myself connected to www.familysearch.org
Some things are very obvious when you meet them. They are a bit younger than us – not a lot but a bit. Their leadership is all non-stipendiary. And they all want to tell you about their journey into this new faith. It reminded me of my failure to have an answer to a question which I was asked on my very first visit to the US – ‘where do most of your converts come from?’