Does the Gospel push us towards particular voter choices?

I went over to the BBC in Dundee this morning to take part in a discussion for the Sunday programme on BBC Scotland.  Basically we were talking about whether there are underlying or core values which should shape the way in which we vote.   Given that we couldn’t mention candidates or parties or policies …. this was a little problematic.

The pretext www a paper from the think-tank Ekklesia.   Click on the link to read it.

You may find their ten core principles interesting.  In the background, you will hear Bishop David Shepherd’s ‘Bias to the Poor’

  • A commitment to favouring the poorest and most vulnerable
  • Actively redressing social and economic injustices and inequalities
  • Welcoming the stranger and valuing displaced and marginalised people
  • Seeing people, their dignity and rights as the solution not the problem
  • Moving from punitive ‘welfare’ to a society where all can genuinely fare well
  • Promoting community and neighbourhood empowerment
  • Food, education, health, housing, work and sustainable income for all
  • Care for planet and people as the basis for human development
  • Investing in nonviolent alternatives to war and force as the basis for security
  • Transparency, honesty and accountability in public and economic life