At All Souls, Fife

i said I would come back and say how it was with our new congregation – meeting in Inverkeithing High School. Well it was great – and very interesting. It isn’t usual to find signs for worship in the Episcopal Church out on the main road

All Souls. Fife, is the new name for the former ABI Group which was made up of the congregations in Aberdour, Burntisland and Inverkeithing. The new congregation at St Peters is part of a church graft which is a partnership between our diocese and St Paul’s & St George’s in Edinburgh. The aim is to develop a new congregation which will address the needs of the large residential area which includes Dalgety Bay. It is led by Revd Dean Norby.

The thing which impressed me? Well two things really. One is a determination to build community – welcoming, diverse and including both members of the existing congregations and people who come to join. The other is a determination to seek growth. That growth is already happening