Bishop School Reunion

Robert the Bruce-s

We’ve been hosting a reunion of my year group of the College for Bishops of The Episcopal Church in the US. In America, it’s commonly known as ‘Bishop School’. I spent a week in each of three years from 2009 with this group and we became firm friends. Not everyone could come – but here we are with Robert the Bruce in the ruins of the Cathedral in St Andrews

Reading from the left:

Dennis Drainville, Bishop of Quebec; Trevor Williams, Bishop of Limerick and Killaloe in the Church of Ireland; Brian Thom, Bishop of Idaho; Ron Cutler, Bishop of Nova Scotia; Eugene Sutton, Bishop of Maryland; Scott Mayer, Bishop of Northwest Texas.

We based ourselves in Edinburgh so that they could get full value from the Scottish-American links. We did a walking tour on Saturday, got involved with congregations on Sunday and had a day in St Andrews on Monday.

The highlight for many was a dinner in the New Club hosted by Bishop Brian and Lissa.