At the Assembly again


Still going …… I wish I had been able to give more time to it but other things kept intruding. Interesting to see the beginnings of a debate about whether the Assembly should meet every two years – certainly a full week every year is an extraordinary commitment. But you do need regular meeting to keep people in touch and to keep business moving.

Over the years, I’ve come to like and respect the Church of Scotland and its people. At their best, they have a sort of wholesome earnestness about them – something which Piskies couldn’t do no matter how hard they tried! The outgoing Moderator, Very Rev Lorna Hood, has been excellent – particularly in her ecumenical commitment. The new Moderator, Rt Revd John Chalmers, has become a friend. Life in leadership in churches is not easy these days and we have a warm and mutually supportive relationship.

The Assembly papers are in a book which is something of a door-stopper. Not exactly a page-turner. But brave. Things are difficult for the Kirk as for all of us. A critical shortage of ministers is matched by a serious decline in numbers. They are doing their best to address it but they don’t hide from any of it.

And then there is ecumenism ..