Bit of a contrast

We still have about a foot of snow here and no sign of a thaw. Alison’s car with winter tyres has been moving around with ease – but the Polo with ground-hugging fuel-saving etc., etc., is literally grounded.

I had to give up on a visit to the Vestry at Holy Trinity, Dunfermline, on Tuesday evening. But I picked my way through the remnants of four foot drifts across the Sidlaws to Dundee to meet the Vestry at St Margaret’s, Tayport, last night, We discussed how I could magic up a priest ….

And Edinburgh today for the Mission and Ministry Board giving another nudge to the Whole Church Mission and Ministry Board – and to our process for discussing Human Sexuality issues – and getting a first look at the MinDiv report on TISEC

Which – just in case you didn’t get the point – is by way of saying that I still do the day job. Tho’ I have to admit that people are really nice to you when you are away!