This is the Team



So here we are preparing to into the Telstra Stadium for the official Maori Church welcome yesterday – John Stuart our Secretary General and ACC Representative, Alison, Elaine Cameron who is here with the Women’s Network, John Rea, who is with the Family Network, Sarah Tomlinson who is with the Youth Network, Alison and myself.

The hospitality is formidable – this was the welcome from the Maori Church. The Anglican Church in New Zealand is an elegant balance of languages, culture and identity – the New Zealand diocese, the Maori Dioceses and Polynesia. There are three Primates rather than one and worship is a skilful blend of language and tradition.

And finally we saw a haka – thanks to Rachel Mash from South Africa for the photo


There was music and dance – ending with a Haka which is of course what we came to see. It ended with a beautiful lunch with yet more singing. This time of course the guests were expected to sing as well. I answered a call of nature at just the right time – returning to find that the European group had inexplicably and unforgivably found emergency common ground in ‘Jerusalem’

And here’s another thought, Listening to all this – and to Archbishop Rowan giving the blessing in Welsh – I have been drafting an article on the Scottish Independence debate. I wonder how it could be that there seems to be no connection whatever between that debate and the revival of the language.