A reminder of one of the reasons why Donegal is special. This is Tramore just to the west of Horn Head. But observe the sets of footprints on the sand and reflect on that story of the two sets of footprints becoming one …

The e mail from Lambeth reminded me that the Anglican Cycle of Prayer remembered us last Sunday – one of those moments when it is good to be part of something bigger. But does it make any difference .. objectively … really

To which I would say that I think it does. I surprise myself by believing implicitly in the grace of ordination – and it think it is all part of that. Beyond that, I listened to a sermon on Sunday about the Feeding of the Five Thousand – and I think it connects to the Miracles of Grace department of which Casting the Net is of course a part. And finally – for me anyway – I think it connects to the idea of vocation as a continuing journey. People sometimes misunderstand. The journey forward isn’t primarily about strategy, planning and organisation. It’s about calling and response.