Well I did get home in the end – Friday evening on the train, I really like the London-Edinburgh journey, it’s a classic railway trip. But this was pretty grim. Or maybe I just wasn’t in the mood.

On Sunday, I visited our congregation in Alloa. They are in the middle of a fairly searching exploration about their future life as a congregation. They have been working on a collaborative ministry model. We need to try and work out how they are going to sustain and develop their life into the future. They are warm, resilient and determined – in equal quantities. It is really important that we have active congregations in places like Alloa

And then on – after a Brompton cycle along the side of the Forth near Kincardine – to a Jubilee Thanksgiving Service at Dunfermline Abbey with Cardinal O’Brien. It was good to see the Choir from our Holy Trinity congregation taking part.

I’m on the way back to London now for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving Service in St Paul’s. I’m part of the procession which leaves at 1007 – which sounds a bit like a branch line. It will be a great privilege to be there and to represent our church.