Big Day

Well here at the Travelodge Gatwick, the excitement is mounting. Quick trip from Blogstead Na Mara in Donegal and here we are.

You probably know that I pretend not to like weddings – but of course I am putty in their hands. Always the lump in the throat and the tear in the corner of the eye – particularly as I get older. So I’m looking forward to a good day tomorrow. One slight regret is that ‘Be thou my vision’ hasn’t made it onto the list – but you can’t have everything.

Press interest in my attendance at the Royal Wedding has been patchy to say the least. The Portadown Times – in the form of my old friend Victor Gordon – got in touch and did an in depth interview – ‘Former Seagoe Rector, etc., etc. Premier Christian Radio wanted a blessing for the happy couple. Blogstead of course will be en fete – but sadly we won’t be there …