Playing my part

There are some extraordinary and wonderful moments – tonight I took part in the installation of a new Chaplain at Glamis Castle, which is on the outer edges of the Blogstead estate. It’s castle wrapped around church wrapped around estate wrapped around village. And of course, in the best sense, it’s one of those places where soap opera and ministry meet. Which I why I said this evening that it is probably one of the best jobs in ministry. The wonderful chapel is right at the heart of the castle – the sacristy upstairs has a ready-for-use confessional.

It is of course steeped in history – most recently the Bowes Lyon history of the Queen Mother’s family. So it’s one of the big tourist destinations in these parts. Joe, the new Chaplain, will have more than a cameo role in the soap opera. Indeed I suspect that this is one of those places which knows what a chaplain is for and how to use him.