Far Off Yet Near

It started during the great snow of December. Suddenly Skype in the Snow became a welcome alternative to setting out never knowing when you might return. It was surprising how much could be done from the comfort of the office in Perth .. including a full meeting of the College of Bishops.

So I’ve gradually been extending the range – I have a monthly meeting on Skype with my ‘coaching bishop’ in the US as part of my involvement in the College for Bishops Training Programme. And today I spent an hour – and we mutually agreed to mention it – discussing with Kelvin issues like the IT implications of the new Mission and Ministry Policy and diocesan websites and various other things. A meeting which we might not otherwise have had – no time required other than the meeting time – no cost whatsoever. Sharing the cup of tea is a bit more difficult.


  1. Yes I think it’s a both/and like most things. My monthly chat with my ‘coaching bishop’ in the US – part of my involvement in the College for Bishops Training Programme of TEC – frustrated us both this week so that we had to give up. And the shared cup of tea was not an option.

    I think that certain types of subject lend themselves to Skype – and it needs to be people to know each other well.

    And we didn’t mention that Skype meetings are faster!

  2. The convenience, the efficiency, the environmental benefit of skyping are extremely compelling, but the value of sharing that cup of tea can’t be overstated – except perhaps here in the US where a good cup of tea is not to be found…

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