The Prize-Giving

Of course it wasn’t over yet. Because we moved on to the Annual Prize Day of St John’s Diocesan School – over 3500 children and the school motto: ‘The good retain The better follow’ Yes it took me a little while to work out too – The good – retain.
The better – follow’

We were greeted as honoured guests. We listened to the school choir, heard the MInister for Minorities speaking and we all had a turn at distributing the prizes. The picture is of Andrew doing his bit.

These schools are very impressive – ordered, disciplined and with a single-minded reverence for the idea that education is the way to advancement and, as the Headmistress told us, to a healthy democracy.

And then there was more food. Bengali’s, they say, like to eat. They offer you food. They offer you more food. They stand over you to make sure that you eat it. Truly Mrs Doyle must have passed through here.