Back to porridge

So some kind of order has been restored to life and work.

The e mail backlog is still around 150 but I’m getting there. But it gets harder to knock them off as the number reduces. I did a Thought for the Day on Rabbi Yosef – judging from my Inbox I can forget about that trip to the Holy Land for a while.

Followers of the faithful Passat will be interested to know that it passed 200000 miles last week and has survived a trip for service since. So now that that milestone – as it were – has been passed, it should be fit for the next 100000. It needs a set of front tyres so that’s a significant investment.

Looking ahead, I’ve made the bookings for the various bits of travel associated with the Pope’s visit. It involves separate trips to Oxford and London – followed by a visit to Dublin for a family wedding. Sounds like another e mail backlog coming up.