Iona Windows


Time for a quick trip to Iona for the dedication of new windows in the Chapel at Bishop’s House. The windows were given by the Friends of Iona.

Getting there is easy – 6.30 am start from Blogstead and a quick run on the Autobahn which now links us to Oban [which my Android predictive spelling changes to Obama] By 1045, the Passat and I were forging our way across Mull gently nudging tourist cars into the passing places on the 35 miles of single track road. And then things began to slow down .. the mobile phone signal vanished .. and then the radio and it was time to visit what they call a ‘thin place’ We were there by noon.

Anyway, we had a great time. Bishop’s House is in good shape under the leadership of Ben, its new Warden. You’ll find all the details here and they’ll be glad to see you.

Which brings us to the dedication of the windows. Once again I was on the look-out for mixed metaphors. So I did ‘light of God shining into our hearts’ and then ‘looking at the beauty of creation and worshipping the creator’. Then I felt ‘seeing through a glass darkly’ coming on and decided it was time to stop.