Touching base

Sorry I seem to have been away for a little while.

My life has been rather bounded by Canon 4 and the process of electing bishops – two days last week in Glasgow and one day in Oban.  Wonderful drive to Oban this week.   Loch Earn turned a delicate shade of episcopal purple in honour of my passing – sunrise through the back window if it was possible to see through the back window.   The Passat and I surfed westwards on a wave of Scott Joplin, Bach and Gospel Music from the Brooklyn Tabernacle.

Interesting stuff of course.  But I’ve come to the conclusion that, as with appointments of Rectors to congregations, what matters is the willingness of the congregation or diocese to seek to discern their own vocation.  Everything else is follows from that.   I decided today that I must be dreaming about Canon 4 when I found myself reading a newspaper hoarding about episcopal elections at the end of the bridge in Perth.