On the shoulders

We're mourning today the passing of Dean Hamilton Leckey.

He was the second Rector with whom I served as Curate.
I was six years ordained at that point
and not finding the appointment system easy.
He took a risk - as others have since -
and we enjoyed our ministry together.

Hammie was visiting one afternoon in Kilcooley Estate, Bangor.
He knocked on a door which didn't open - and while standing there was savaged by a random dog.
Next door flew open, 'Better step inside for a moment, your reverence'
And he did.

He then realised that next door was fighting drunk.
'Just need to go and take a leak, your reverence
And if the phone rings, it's my brother in Australia
Could you answer it and talk to him until I come back.?'

And the phone did ring.
And Hammie did answer it
And it was a long leak.

Requiescat in pace

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  1. This is very sad news, especially as two weeks ago he was filling out at St Mark’s, Newtownards when I was visiting there at the weekday communion. He looked nothing but hearty.

    After the service he was speaking of you and your time working together in the fondest terms.

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