Digging in at Blogstead

Spring has come.  So our little community here at Blogstead emerged blinking into the sunlight and we re-introduced ourselves to one another after the long, dark days of winter.  I had done a wise virgins by having the mower and the strimmer serviced during February.  So no problems there.  More difficult was my decision to dig a vegetable plot hard by Continuous Aeration Plant No 1 [septic tank to you and me].  Let’s just say it was heavy going.  It remains nameless at present – although the Donald Soper Organic Vegetable garden does trip off the tongue.  And then there was the planting of the rhododenron.  Of course it’s red.  What made you think that a rhododendron might be white?

Alison had decided to unplug the mouse-scarer in the kitchen – so we found that Poppy had been on safari again behind the settee.

Then, as clergy have done through the ages, we’ll roll the stone away tomorrow morning – and then roll it up as quickly as possible and have a week off.  And very welcome it will be. Blogstead na Mara here we come – and time to discover what happened when the Celtic Tiger got knackered.