Back in the parish days, we were, as usual, struggling to comprehend the vagaries of human nature. It must have been one of those Ted and Dougal moments, ‘It makes you think, Dougal.’ ‘About what, Ted?’ In an effort to find solid ground, I asked my colleague Grace whom she most admired .. To which I got the instant and totally surprising answer, ‘Madonna’. Why? ‘Because she constantly re-invents herself.

So it’s with sadness that I’ve been ploughing today through all the stuff about the end of her marriage today. Not least because of her adopted child from Malawi. India Knight in the Sunday Times thinks she’s great too – worth much more than Posh and all the WAG’s and their kind. And I suspect that that ability to re-invent herself – which Grace correctly identified – means that she is [terrifyingly] in control of every aspect of her life.