Episcopacy as Travelogue

And now for something completely different. No 3 here at Blogstead passed me Paul Johnson’s September article from the Spectator. Apparently there are now 114 Church of England bishops – in 1834 there were 26. Here in Scotland we have seven – and one seems to keep reasonably busy. But doing what, I wonder? As a poacher – in my pre-gamekeeper days – I used to give thanks that my parish was on the extreme western edge [or was that left?] of the diocese. Anyway, far enough away to discourage any random calling from the bishop.

So back to the travelogue … bicycles at Blair Atholl for the Killicrankie circle. Down the path beside the north-bound platform at Blair Atholl .. across the 1865 footbridge over the Garry … along the path towards Killicrankie .. UP THE HILL and down the other side to the Garry Bridge and back. Puffection!

And again, as we headed early this morning for St Modoc’s, Doune. Another sunny Sunday morning with mist on the lower slopes. As the faithful Passat came down the ridge south of Perth on the A9 where you have the view right across to Dunning and the Ochils .. the mist was lying in wisps along the line of the Earn. Tough but .. etc.