Another Day

I’ve been enjoying Dave Walker’s drawings at Cartoon Church.  You need to laugh here.

Meanwhile today saw the Opening Service in the Cathedral.  The logistics of moving nearly 700 bishops and their spouses down to the Cathedral are pretty daunting

Here it is.  I’m on the right, by the way.  The Archdeacon of Canterbury, who is a notable Brompton rider, is at the far end on the left.  She did not process with the Brompton.  I thought the Sermon – from the Bishop of Colombo – was excellent.  A classic and very clear statement of Anglicanism.

So there are only fourteen days to go.  And you can feel that we’re already sort of ‘into it’.  I have to say that I’m rather looking forward to  trying to deal with the issues – particularly as they arise in the Bible Study.

Meanwhile, the Management has been silent on the sleeping arrangements.  Maybe they are a Monday to Friday operation.