Poppy and Ritual

Poppy is very much enjoying the fine weather – indeed she was missing yesterday for at least five minutes.  We thought she had probably gone to visit the Guide House across the road from Blogstead but she had just moved her bird-watching activities a bit further down the back hedge.

Meanwhile, as with all Burmese cats, her fondness for ritual action grows daily.  I did a bit of surfing to try and find some research about it – but it doesn’t seem to be there.  Under the spare room bed – some minor shouting – some pawing of the ground – some almost allowing herself to be caught and then not – and finally she plays dead cat at my feet and graciously allows herself to be picked up.

But I suppose she’s a bit preoccupied, what with preparing for Lambeth and all that.  If she shares her thoughts on that subject with me, I’ll let you know.