Bogstead Bites Back

I know there are things in the Anglican Communion which clamour for our attention but .. and only two weeks after the entire Bogstead sanitation system had been replaced.

I knew we were in trouble when I cast an eye out the window at around 7 am this morning and saw my Chaplain hoisting his cassock and wading across [well – let’s not say what he was wading across]  the Samuel Seabury croquet lawn.  Certainly a major issue which required immediate episcopal attention.  The brown tide was inexorably rising and already lapping at the doorstep of the Bishop Bell Conservatory when Jock and his men arrived with the elbow length rubber gloves and various rods and jets.  Manhole covers were lifted.  Rodding eyes were uncovered.  Baths were filled and loos flushed.  Jock was clearly waiting for that satisfying ‘Schlurpf’ sound which would tell him that all was well – but it never came.  More a gradual sense – more I think of trust than of firm conviction – that order had been restored.