++Rowan is considering not flying for a year.  That’s fairly daunting – it rules out America, for example.  Meanwhile, back at Blogstead, we anxiously read the updates on the Blackberry from the price comparison sites for diesel prices.

I attended the Church of Scotland Assembly on six days.  I stayed for two nights – car with Brompton.  One other day with car.  Two days by train with Brompton.  But the winner is a trip by bus from the Park and Ride at the Broxden Roundabout at £9.60 return.  When they run on time, it’s unbeatable.  It is amazing that there is no train from Perth to Edinburgh between 7.14 and 8.54 am.

But the faithful Passat rolls on.  Now 161000 and around 50 mpg.  Some slight variability in the temperature gauge area – but we’re all getting on a bit.  I did suggest to the nice people at Perth Garage that the brakes didn’t seem to be just totally the best.  Not that one ever needs to use the brakes in Perthshire – other than a slight check on progress when the deer loom up in the twilight.  So they are going to replace the bits and pieces and send us out for another spell of zero depreciation and exclusively downhill travel.