Another Sunday

It’s been a pretty easy-going weekend out at Blogstead.  The dead septic tanks are still a slight blot on the horizon, as it were.  But we’re promised movement in that area this week.

We set out for 11 am in Muthill this morning.  Beautiful day .. joys of spring .. faithful Passat in fine form .. temperature guage sticking to the Anglican via media.  Muthill is in the middle of beautiful countryside between Auchterarder and Crieff.  Last time I was there, the windows were boarded up.  Now the church is probably in better shape than it has been for years and the congregation seem in good heart too.  We celebrated Pentecost with admirable restraint and shared a lovely lunch in the local restaurant.

Yes there are toughish bits in what I do.  But this certainly wasn’t one of them.