You would think that, after all these years, I would have worked out how to pace things.  But I haven’t.  I think some of it is that I still haven’t come to terms with the way in which a whole day can go – a meeting in Edinburgh or the conference I went to in Stirling on Monday just wipes out time.

We’re almost at the end with the Diocesan Policy.  Our commitment was delivery by the end of April so we’re writing and rewriting.  I’m keen to get on and begin to put it in place – in terms of what we do and how the diocese is organised, it means some very significant change.  The renovation of the Diocesan Office is finished and the new furniture has arrived.  Tim the Geek spent last night putting in a server – which will be great when I have worked out what that means.  And somewhere along the line, I promised to do Prayer for the Day for the BBC which means six scripts for next Monday… and an article for Inspires for Friday .. and sermons on both Thursday and Friday evenings ..