It was great in St Ninian’s this morning. Lots of light and colour and noise and music and incense and two baptisms and three confirmations and the licensing of a lay minister. We didn’t launch a ship. Nor did I see a herd of goats passing through. But I may have missed them. It was Piskie Church doing what we do well and pretending to be quite a bit bigger than we really are.

One thing I used to dislike about funerals in my former life was the death-denying material which used to creep in – ‘just slipped into the next room .. steamer being hailed on the horizon’ Sub-Christian, I think. I used to print them on the back of the Service Sheet and hope nobody paid too much attention.

No Easter faith without resurrection. No resurrection without Good Friday death. Maybe even a touch of that around in naming the decline and growth of the church.