Celebrating the Twelfth

In Portadown, there was no doubt what the Twelfth was about – the sashes, bowler hats and banners of the Orange Order. Up in Ballintuim this morning, it was slightly different. No sign of the Daughters of Laura who used to come to the Seagoe Orange Service – more a quiet preparation for the Glorious Twelfth happening on the Thirteenth. This is another congregation which takes responsibility for its own life and does so with considerable success. As a concentrated assembly of real characters, one could hardly do better – I reflected this morning in church that one could create a work of several volumes just by chronicling the life stories of some of the congregation. I took on faith in the sermon – but I have a feeling that faith won.

Sorry – you asked where Ballintuim is? Go to Blairgowrie and up the road to Bridge of Calley. Then fork left and go up the glen for about four miles and you’ll find it on the right. 10.30 am every Sunday in season but, apart from Christmas and the AGM, not at all hors saison.