This ministry stuff

One thinks a bit about ministry – moving from Alan’s episcopal ordination in Belfast through the excretory realities of Easyjet to Glenalmond Commemoration day to Tembu’s Ordination.  And while it is important to be able to see some kind of common thread running through all this, I long ago found that the secret is to try to be 100% present wherever and whatever it is.  The problem with that is that I can’t remember where I was half an hour ago.

Tembu’s ordination in Dunfermline on Sunday was quite an event – the full details as ever are on the wee small hours blog   I never quite know what people expect – but it was clear that, for some who were there, it became a powerful and unexpectedly moving experience which will alter their perception of vocation, ministry and the deep things with which ministry deals.  It’s back to expectations again – higher the better IMHO.