Give us a sign!

Two powerful images from my Sunday.

I gathered up my crozier this morning from the corner of the church where I had parked it and discovered that it had acquired the most enormous cobweb right across the aperture.  What does this tell me?

We shared in Nicki’s Ordination to the Priesthood in St Andrew’s St Andrews this afternoon – a great moment for her and her family.  And I was also thinking of Carlton and Barry – both members of my parish who were ordained today.  We were never as good as we should have been at fostering vocation – so two in one day is very special.  But – to go back to Nicki’s Ordination – when we came to the sharing of the symbols of priesthood, I found myself positively assailed by a kaleidoscope of images of what ministry has meant to me. Maybe it was because this is the 31st anniversary of my ordination as a deacon.  Or maybe it was memories of people-ministry that I don’t get to do as I once did.  May it be as enriching for Nicki as it has been for me.