Down to the Sea again, again

been pondering Kelvin’s meme question – about blogs I would like to read if they were written.  Poppy’s dark brown Burmese and inter-faith musings would be an obvious possibility.  Ian Paisley and Martin Maguinness would be worth reading – they are both such morally ambiguous figures.  If you blog every day, the ambiguities sort of come to the surface.  So Tony Blair would also be a good candidate.  In the posthumous blogging department, I would go for Bishop Trevor Huddleston – who died in 1998.  For me, he embodies the tradition which links catholic spirituality with social justice.  He led the campaign in Britain to develop apartheid-consciousnessness.  His blog would have shown us, I expect, that greatness belongs in a special combination of things – keeping a moral and spiritual focus in the everyday while also managing to see the Gethsemane moment when it comes along.

Meanwhile, I’ve been down to the sea in ships again with the Mission to Seafarers in London – where I travelled to ground level this morning in Schindler’s Lift.  His blog would also have been worth reading.