It’s somewhere else

There are two interesting inversions in church life.  The first is that it’s the ‘second level’ events which seem to gather most support – and vice versa.  So if you want to meet the crowds, turn up at Harvest or on Mothering Sunday.  The second is that the further up the ecclesiastical greasy pole you appear to be, the less you seem to have to do at the important moments.  So my colleagues in the diocese are all preaching erudite sermons on the Atonement at present as we move through Holy Week.  I’m clearing the backlog of letters and writing a paper about reform of Canon 64 and other pathways to the Kingdom.  But Cinderella will go to the ball later in the week.  Our Chrism Mass on Maundy Thursday when the clergy and I renew our Ordination Vows  is always extraordinarily moving – an annual reminder that the fires of vocation do burn bright no matter how much cold water is chucked over them.   I’m doing a Three Hours in St Andrews –  fulfilling my annual  requirement that I should be moved to tears by the  crucifixion story.   And then there’s the Easter Sermon.  Of which more another day.