Another day

Well, as it turned out, not even the prospect of the College of Bishops and Standing Committee was enough to tempt me from my sick bed.  I did have a brief outing later in the afternoon for a hair cut but that was about enough.  Otherwise I’ve been filing and shredding and sending E Mails – Irish politics is all about making sure you do the right shredding before the other lot take over.  We’ll just have to see whether the AGM of Mission to Seafarers is enough to tempt me out tomorrow.

Poppy of course is enchanted by this new way of life which she regards as providing her with the 24/7 care to which she is entitled.  She has become very adventurous in her outdoor excursions.  The house martens have not yet returned to annoy her and she seemed foolishly indifferent to the very large bird circling ominously over the trees beyond the field.  Alison tried to get a picture of her stalking some pheasant but failed.