Wide open and windy spaces

I am becoming more of a fair weather cyclist – signs of age maybe?  But I’ve been starting to cycle around this wonderful – and flat – part of Scotland again as the first signs of spring arrive.  The roads were wet when I went out this morning around 11 am but dry quite soon after.  There’s a great circle of snow-capped mountains all around – but the wind that blows off them would split you in two.  For reasons too complicated to explain, I’m at present riding a mountain bike which really belongs to Mark and was bought before he became a giant.  I replaced the tubes and have the tyres blown up to my customary 75 psi to minimise the effort required.  Even for my stunted growth it is a tad too short in the seatpost – the legs should be almost straight at the bottom of the pedal travel – so I’m hoping to get something that fits better.  The late Mr Humphries would no doubt measure my inside leg with aplomb.