Welcome to Kingussie

Looking back over the blogathon for the last week, I seem to have been moving around a lot.  So welcome to Kingussie which is just south of Aviemore – about two thirds of the way between Perth and Inverness with lots of snow along the way this morning.  I’m here for the interviews conducted by the Preparatory Committee – part of the Canon 4 process for the election of a Bishop for Moray, Ross and Caithness.  The process is one of those fascinating meeting points between vocation and assessment – with a side measurement of the extent to which potential candidates appreciate the seriously spread-out nature of the territory north of Inverness.  Kingussie reminds me of Donegal – pubs with music so that those who arrive here on Day 4 of their Lochs ‘n Glens Holiday [assemble in the lounge with luggage at 7.45 am sharp] go away feeling that they have been in touch with the real Scotland.