Time to move from ‘most unread’ to an Oscar for ‘greatest economy in an ecclesiastical setting.’

Anne’s William Trevor quote which appeared in the comments here is perfect – “nothing beats his description of Father Clohessy, with his ‘general feeling of deprivation’ and lessened sense of vocation in the face of a changing church and society.”  Diocesan Review, Year of Stewardship, clergy accountability … I can feel it myself.

My own favourite will always be drawn from the Father Ted manual on Collaborative Ministry – the Spirit leads into all truth.  ‘Makes you think, Dougal. ‘About what, Ted?’

And to move closer to home, from Trollope’s Barchester Towers – a sort of handbook of anglican polity – Bishop Proudie is not impressed by Mr Slope’s sermon – which he regards as ‘ill-timed, impertinent and vexatious’ – and meets the disapproval of his wife. ‘There was a look about the lady’s eye which did not admit of my lord’s disapproving at that moment.  He felt that if he intended to disapprove, it must be now or never; but he also felt that it could not be now.’