Circle Line

Tomorrow it’s the Inner Wheel – or maybe the Inner Link or the Outer Circle or the Elliptical Orbit or the Downward Spiral.  For Perth has lots of them and I’m gradually working my way through.  Last time was the episode when I couldn’t get the powerpoint to work and I asked, ‘How long do you want me to talk for?’  And they said ‘Forty Minutes’  No problem.  Sometimes it helps to be Irish.  It won’t happen again – the secret weapon is to hit Fn and one of the F keys.  Don’t ask which one.

Of course, I secretly enjoy meeting these groups.  After all, only a minority of the members will be members of the Episcopal Church – so it’s a useful opportunity to build some relationships.  I can also point out to all those loyal members of the C of S that bishops have a really useful function in the church – IT’S SOMEBODY TO BLAME