Another Sunday

Another of those heavy-duty Sundays.  Birnham/Dunkeld – beautiful place with a Beatrix Potter Museum – followed by Strathtay where there is a lovely little church with banks of snowdrops all around and the sound of the Tay just round the corner.  Lovely people as well.  Tough but somebody has to do it.

Tomorrow three of us are off to Dublin to do some organising of our diocesan link with the Diocese of Meath and Kildare.  I’m never all that keen on Ryanair – particularly since the recent revelations of Biggles-type flying under pressure of quick turnarounds.  Biggles of course would approach this wearing the oil-stained flying jacket – face drawn and strained from too many dawn patrols and sorties over the Isle of Man – eyes lined from squinting into the sun looking for Baron Richthofen’s Circus of Fokker Triplanes.  Not forgetting of course the ‘I’ve been hit!’ moment when a seagull came back into his face through the prop of the Camel.  I hope to get the first Sudoku of the day done before the pilot gives that last little blip of the throttle and allows the 737 to skim the trees and settle down easily onto the grass of the runway.