Tenor’s Friend

What a good idea .. just join a small local choir .. sing Messiah .. meet some new people.   But why did Handel write such high notes.  More the tenor’s truss, I fear.  But lovely people anyway.

This place as always is a veritable safari park.  I had to pause for a deer in the middle of the road on my way to Dunkeld on Sunday evening.  And we saw what we suspect was a dog fox strolling through the field beyond our garden this morning while the builder and I were having an intimate discussion about the inner workings of the Bogstead Episcopi septic tank.  It was really impressively big – the fox, that is, not the septic tank – at least the size of an Alsatian or maybe an elephant or maybe….  Poppy was immediately confined to barracks and may only be let out under armed guard.  It’s as well we’ve been to Shamwari and know about these things.