Taking the Pledge

The Bishop of London has signed the ‘golden pledge’ to abandon all flying for a year.  And I think I read elsewhere that he uses public transport exclusively as he goes about his work in London.  Which is fine if you live in the middle of London but not fine if you live in rural Perthshire.  But it seems to me that some of this comes down to issues which people don’t mention very much.  You can park a car at the airport for days or weeks.  But Perth Station doesn’t look like a particularly safe place to leave a car overnight – although they did tell me that one prisoner left his car there while he served a two year sentence and it was there when he came back for it.  Nor does the Broxden Park and Ride look particularly safe for overnight parking – although it is good to be able to pick up a coach there without having to go into the centre of Perth.  But, given the difficulties of providing public transport for a relatively small population living in a big land area, I think that public transport in Scotland is pretty good.  And we’re gradually trying to use the train more for heading south – when you add up the total city centre to city centre time, it takes very little longer than the plane.