The lost script

I suppose it’s the Father Ted script that never got written – the Whiskey Galore shipwreck which washes up onto the beach unimaginable quantities of drink for Father Jack or … At least it would present a cheerier picture than the people who are descending on the beach in Dorset to remove BMW motorbikes and other stuff. Which reminds me of one of my most unpleasant experiences in all ministry – the time we got involved in giving out free butter from the EU butter mountain to pensioners. Sadly there is something about the possibility of having something for nothing which stirs the nastier side in otherwise sensible people.

Meanwhile two of the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland are locked in conflict about which is to profit from the tourism legacy of Father Ted. One has stolen a march on the other with a Friends of Ted Festival – attractions include Hide a Nun and Seek, a Father Jack Hunt and, in honour of Dougal, a Buckaroo Speed Dating Event. No mention of the Kicking Bishop Brennan up the arse Competition?  What I always liked about Father Ted was that it was so true to life.