A Beethoven Moment

I was in Blairgowrie this morning.  Like Portnoo in Donegal, the clear glass allows one to gaze through the windows while preaching.  Delightful people who can cope with us inviting ourselves to their Burns Night Supper on Saturday!  And if you want to learn how to build a small and attractive church hall and integrate it with the church – this is the place.
This [and Coupar Angus] are about as close as we get to having a ‘local’ – church that is.  I think that the Meiklour Arms meets the other need.  We took the opportunity of travelling from Blogstead Episcopi in separate carriages – so that Alison could arrive at the same time as the rest of the congregation.  So we missed sharing a magic moment in the local scenery.  End of our lane and turn left – a simply magnificent panorama of the Tay Valley with a circle of snow-capped mountains all around.  In ‘appropriate music’ terms, it would definitely rate final movement of Beethoven’s Choral Symphony.