Greetings from Donegal

…. where the weather is coming straight from Rockall.  But everything is now shipshape after the explosion.  We now have a key to the new boiler house – it is vastly bigger than the old one and has definite bicycle storage, den and possibly retirement potential.  We’re heading home via a birthday party in Leicester and a quick visit to my sister and family in Cambridge.  Poppy decided that Hogmanay in Edinburgh was a safer bet than Donegal.

Meanwhile – a happy New Year to one and all – not forgetting Marc Horne of the Sunday Times who wrongly reported me as being in favour of the legalisation of prostitution – which enabled Gillian Bowditch to take a side-swipe at me as well.  I do have a sort of sympathy for journalists and they have usually treated me well.  It must be difficult to get politicians to tell the truth and probably more difficult to get bishops and clergy to say anything worth reporting.  But that’s no excuse for cutting corners.  So for the record I am not in favour of legalisation – as you’ll find further back on the blog – because it deals with none of the fundamental issues which lead vulnerable young women into this degrading trade.