Exodus Experience

We thought that getting home was all going to be simple.  But of course flew straight into the chaos of Heathrow last night.  Why do they let transfer passengers fly in – and not try and divert them by another route before they reach London.  People and staff were doing their best but, as usual, people on the internet outside the airport had more information than those of us inside.  Like the population of Russia in the old days, we joined queues without quite knowing what they were for.  We went as instructed to the back of Costa Coffee and lifted the yellow phone – attempting to get our bags back.  But it was completely hopeless.  Do they have no contingency plans whatsoever?  I expect to get my bag back some time after Christmas.
So we decided just to get out of it – friend on the internet booked the sleeper train to Glasgow – train to Edinburgh – bus back to Edinburgh Airport.  And then my old friend, the long-stay car park lived up to its name.  The ticket machine took my payment but didn’t give me my ticket back.  And I couldn’t understand the Exit sign for the umpteenth time and ended up in a cul de sac.  But the nice man in the Office opened the gate and pointed me towards the promised land.