A word from Poppy

Poppy – classic Brown Burmese cat for those who don’t know – is a bit browned off at present because we have tended to be out for quite long periods.  But, after being purely a house cat for most of her life, she now enjoys rushing in and out through the patio door.   Spice, next door’s Norfolk Terrier who takes a keen interest in her, is away for a while.

Meanwhile, Poppy ponders the pre-occupations of this blog and brings to bear the cat-wisdom of the ages.  She holds no grudges or pre-conceptions.  She is not an ideologue and doesn’t care whether others ‘love freedom the way we love freedom’.  Like much of the population of the world, she simply maintains an interest in where the next meal is coming from – and welcomes love and affection while reserving the right to ignore them.