Virtual Presence

I’m looking forward to getting home.  Between holiday and this Celtic Bishops’ Conference I have been away most of the time since September 8th and I shall be away another two days next week.  In the good old days, one was just away.  Now I attempt to keep the basic administration going through the laptop and the VOIP phone – I’m getting better at it but it’s tiresome when it doesn’t all work just as easily as it does at home.  This hotel gets its broadband by satellite link – a fact lost on the staff members who attempted to sort it out for me.

Meanwhile, I have been forcing myself to think out from my own little patch and engage with the issues of the wider Anglican world.  It reminds me of the worst of Ireland – the times when one just knew that a crunch was coming and that there was almost nothing which would avert it.  But one passes through moments of crisis and life has a strange way of just moving on on the other side.